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Butler calls for refocusing of minds to bring talks to conclusion

The Ulster Unionist Party Chief Whip. Robbie Butler MLA, has called for a refocusing of minds to bring the current round of all-party talks to a conclusion.  

Robbie Butler MLA said:

“There has been a lack of intensity in the all-party talks today and we really need to see a refocusing of minds starting tomorrow if we are to reach a successful conclusion.  

“The problems and difficulties are well rehearsed, and the parties are now waiting for the governments to table a paper.

“One thing is certain. We need to get Stormont back up and running in order to address some very real problems that are affecting all communities and families throughout Northern Ireland. We have a major crisis in the Health Service with more strikes planned later this week. We also have to urgently address the growing problem in mental health and particularly suicide, which is devastating so many families. Furthermore, nobody should lose sight of the fact that welfare mitigations will end in April

“These are some of the issues which are having or will have a massive impact on the people of Northern Ireland and the Secretary of State should resist the temptation to extent the talks beyond Monday’s deadline. Time is up.”

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