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Murphy heaping further anguish on Quinn family by his inaction – Aiken

Ulster Unionist leader, Steve Aiken OBE MLA, has commented that Conor Murphy`s failure to state Paul Quinn was not a criminal is heaping further anguish on the Quinn family.

Mr Aiken said:

“Conor Murphy`s failure to state publicly that Paul Quinn was not a criminal, heaps further anguish on Mr Quinn`s family. It`s time he did the right thing. If not, he should explain who or what is stopping him from doing so.

“Sinn Fein`s continued prevarication on this issue means that they are in no position to lecture others about respect, honesty and integrity and definitely not when the RHI inquiry report is published. If the New Decade, New Approach document was meant to herald a new approach to politics in the reformed Executive, Sinn Fein have failed miserably at the first hurdle.

“In Scotland we have seen the SNP Finance Minister resign within hours of being engulfed in scandal, yet the same doesn`t apply in Northern Ireland. When it comes to the conduct of Ministers in the Northern Ireland Executive, why do normal standards not apply as they would do across the rest of the United Kingdom or indeed the Republic of Ireland?”

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