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Public must help Police to catch terrorists responsible for ferry bomb attempt - Chambers

The Ulster Unionist Party’s representative on the Policing Board, Alan Chambers MLA, has urged the public to help the Police to catch the republican terrorists who sought to plant a bomb on a lorry in a bid to cause an explosion on a ferry to Scotland.

Alan Chambers said:

“Northern Ireland witnessed many pointless terrorist attacks during the Troubles and beyond, but the news that the Police are now hunting for a republican gang that tried to plant a bomb on a ferry bound for Scotland is right up there with the worst of them.

“Today I took the opportunity to raise this incident directly with the Chief Constable at the meeting of Policing Board.

“The Police need the help of the general public in order to protect the public. Far too many communities throughout Northern Ireland are still living in fear of armed criminal gangs who seek to invoke a political cause to try to give some legitimacy to their illegal activities.

“Just what cause would have been advanced if republicans had managed to detonate a bomb on a ferry to Scotland? Or if it had exploded on the M1 or driving through Lurgan or Belfast and caused death or injury to other motorists or pedestrians? The consequences could have been horrendous.   

“The people responsible were incredibly reckless and showed no regard for the lives of anyone else. Life is cheap to these people and that is why they pose such a danger to this society.

“I urge anyone who can help the police to track these people down and round them up to come forward at once. They are not playing games, there is no romantic dream in play here, these people are trying to commit murder and do not care who they kill. That is why they have to be stopped and put permanently out of business.”

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