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Chambers condemns anti-Police posters

The Ulster Unionist Party’s representative on the Policing Board, Alan Chambers MLA, has condemned the attempt to intimidate the community in parts of Londonderry by erecting anti-Police posters featuring the image of an officer who was seriously injured in a bomb attack.  

Alan Chambers said:

“The people who put up the anti-Police recruitment posters in parts of Londonderry are cowards who are beneath contempt.

“Unlike the brave men and women who put on a uniform and serve the entire community with great courage on a daily basis, these fools hide in shadows and live in  a fantasy world where they actually believe they matter.

“Peadar Heffron is worth a thousand of them.

“I welcome the cross party condemnation of these posters and I urge people not to be intimidated by these thugs, who are trying to isolate the Police from the wider community. They must not be allowed to succeed.”

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