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Confusion reigns over border in the Irish Sea - Empey

Lord Empey challenged the government in the House of Lords yesterday to provide clarity to businesses in Northern Ireland about its plans for a border in the Irish Sea.

Lord Empey said:

“During question time in the House of Lords, I pressed the Treasury Minister Lord Agnew, to state clearly if there will be any type of border in the Irish Sea when the transition period is over and that businesses would be compensated for any additional costs.

“The Government's response continues to be confusing and contradictory.  Boris Johnson says there will be no border and the EU says there will, as does the Withdrawal Agreement. Even today the Minister conceded that there could be 'light touch regulation' involved.

“Yet again, business is left in limbo by statements that don't add up and seem to most informed observers to be unachievable.

“We need openness and honesty from Government, and an undertaking that any additional costs will be met by the Treasury to ensure that companies in Northern Ireland will remain competitive.”

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