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Ulster Unionists welcome Legacy proposals from Innocent Victims United

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Justice Spokesperson, Doug Beattie MC MLA, has given his support to proposals to deal with the Legacy of the Troubles, from the Innocent Victims United (IVU) group.

Doug Beattie MC MLA said:

“The Ulster Unionist Party has consistently highlighted the major flaws in the Stormont House Agreement (SHA) Legacy arrangements and we have urged the Government to take decisive action to radically alter its approach.

“We welcome the proposals put forward today by Innocent Victims United (IVU), and we urge the Government to pay them close attention so that they can inform thinking as we move forward.

“IVU have consistently championed the cause of innocent victims and their voice must not only be heard, but must be taken seriously and acted upon by the powers that be.

“In particular, the Ulster Unionist Party supports IVU in their opposition to any form of amnesty for Troubles era crimes, and that the Legacy Investigation Branch (LIB) should be enhanced and carry out all historic investigations. We also remain concerned that those injured during the Troubles, the limbless, blind, burned and psychologically damaged, have been forgotten by the Government and the majority of political parties.

“We look forward to engaging with the Government to ensure that whatever legacy arrangements are ultimately put in place will deliver the fair, balanced, and proportionate system that the people of Northern Ireland, and those who defended them, deserve.”

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