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Amnesty International’s comments regarding PSNI use of ‘spit hoods’ only damage its own reputation - Alan Chambers

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Policing Spokesperson Alan Chambers MLA has criticised Amnesty International NI for calling for the PSNI to suspend the use of spit hoods on the grounds that they do not provide protection from Covid-19.

Alan Chambers MLA said:

“This is not simply about protection from Covid-19, it is about basic dignity at work.

“Police Officers – like any other profession - are entitled to do their job without being spat at. If Amnesty International NI cannot see that, and prioritise the right of the dregs of society – which quite frankly is the only way to describe anyone who would spit at another person - to spit on Police officers who are protecting the entire community, then that says an awful lot about Amnesty International NI, and its priorities and values.  

“The pursuit of this type of nonsense merely damages Amnesty International NI and its efforts to be taken seriously when it does raise a valid issue. They really aren’t helping themselves.”

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