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Sheehan`s Health Committee comments epitomise Sinn Fein arrogance – Chambers

Ulster Unionist Health spokesperson, Alan Chambers MLA, has condemned the hypocrisy of Sinn Fein MLA, Pat Sheehan, at a meeting of Stormont`s Health Committee today.

Mr Chambers said:

“I am disgusted by Pat Sheehan`s comments to officials at Stormont`s Health Committee, and also his reference to the track and trace system as being 'as useful as a chocolate fireguard’. His behaviour was uncalled for and as a member of the Health Committee I publicly disassociate myself from his comments. I will be reporting Pat Sheehan to the Commissioner for Standards.

“He behaved just as most people have come to expect from a party that has been so arrogant that it has yet to apologise for its members breaking Coronavirus regulations and guidelines at the funeral of Bobby Storey.

“Sinn Fein have repeatedly undermined public health advice and Pat Sheehan doesn`t need to look any further than the leadership of his own party to find evidence of chocolate fireguards in relation to trying to stop the spread of Coronavirus within the community. They have demonstrated supreme arrogance, no shame and certainly no apology.”

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