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Kennedy decides not to introduce bi-lingual traffic signs

Ulster Unionist Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy has announced that bi-lingual traffic signs will not be introduced across the road network in Northern Ireland.

The consultation period on a draft proposal to permit certain bi-lingual traffic signs, either in English and Irish or English and Ulster Scots, ended on 11 March 2011.

The Minister said: “My predecessor initiated a consultation on bi-lingual traffic signs last year. Following the conclusion of the consultation I have decided not to introduce bi-lingual traffic signs. This policy proposal, would have resulted in extra costs and serves no operational need for Northern Ireland’s road network.”

Danny Kennedy added: “As Roads Minister, my aim is to deliver on the agreed priorities set out in the Northern Ireland Executive’s Programme for Government where key targets have been set on investment in the strategic road network, road maintenance, public transport and water and sewerage services.”

The Minister concluded: “Given the challenging economic times that we are living in, it is imperative that my Department’s limited resources are prioritised and focused on issues that will directly improve the safe and efficient use of the road network.”

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