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Elliott condemns cowardly attack on pensioners in Kesh

Ulster Unionist Party Leader Tom Elliott has condemned the cowardly attack which took place in the early hours of Thursday morning in the village of Kesh.

Mr Elliott said;

“It is hard to describe the contempt and anger which I and the entire community feel towards the three individuals who broke into the home of an elderly brother and sister in the Camplagh Road area of Kesh.

I say individuals, because I would not use the word men to describe the sort of people who wait until the dead of night to assault and terrorise people in their nineties.

It is absolutely essential that the Police catch the people responsible for this so that they can be brought before the courts and put away where they can no longer pose a threat to vulnerable people.

Like most people I am fed up with a legal system that seems designed to protect the rights of the criminal. Someone needs to speak up for the rights of the victims, and the once these people are caught, I will be watching with interest to see if the Courts have the will to make the punishment fit the crime.”

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