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Lord Empey raises Secretary of State`s ‘no Irish Sea Border’ claims in House of Lords

Ulster Unionist peer, Lord Empey, raised the Secretary of State`s claims that ‘there is no Irish Sea Border’ in the House of Lords today. Speaking during a debate on the economic situation, Lord Empey asked:

“My noble friend has referred to the economic difficulties Northern Ireland will face being separated in some way from its principal single market. However, the biggest challenge we face here is that his right honourable friend the Secretary of State announced a few days ago to the world that there was no border in the Irish Sea. This provoked a response of ridicule and anger in equal measure. How can we start a recovery if our representative in the Cabinet cannot even admit the practical situation that businesspeople face every day? Can my noble friend prevail on him at least to acknowledge the realities on the ground?”

Lord Agnew of Oulton, who was representing the Government, replied:

“My noble friend raises important points. As I mentioned earlier, we are a few days into an enormous change in how trade operates across GB and the EU, and across GB and NI, but I reiterate the Government’s absolute commitment to keep the friction between GB and NI to an absolute minimum. We are doing everything we can to do that. I ask my noble friend to bear with us, because there will be a learning process over the next few weeks.”

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