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Ulster Unionists condemn latest attack on Glengormley War Memorial

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Group Leader on Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, Alderman Mark Cosgrove, has condemned the latest in a long line of attacks on the cenotaph in Glengormley.     

Alderman Mark Cosgrove said:

“I simply cannot fathom the mindset of hate and ignorance that could lead anyone to sneak around in the dead of night with a petrol bomb and seek to desecrate a memorial to those of all faiths and races who fought and died to protect everyone’s liberty and rights to exist as free people. The fact that some deluded idiots use that hard won freedom to attack a war memorial is profoundly depressing.

“Glengormley has a richly diverse community that is made up of people from many backgrounds, and who will all rightly utterly reject this disgusting attack on the very ethos of this Nation. I urge anyone who has any information on this hate crime to pass that information to the police immediately.

“The perpetrators are trying to create divisions and tensions in the community which they can then exploit further, because that is all they have to offer. They must never be allowed to win, and I will work with every fibre of my being alongside the wider Glengormley community, to ensure that they do not succeed in spreading their poison.”    

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