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We will continue to engage with the Police – Aiken

The Ulster Unionist Party Leader Steve Aiken OBE MLA has vowed that his party will continue to work constructively with the police.

Steve Aiken said:

“I believe that to refuse to meet with the Chief Constable - as Arlene Foster has said - is a mistake. I have issues with the Chief Constable because of past actions and decisions, but that should not be the cause for us to refuse to engage. He is the head of the Police Service of Northern Ireland and while he is in post, we should continue to work with him and all his officers.

“The bottom line is that Northern Ireland and its people need a police service. There are thousands of fine men and women who daily put on a uniform and set out to protect and serve this community without fear or favour from criminal elements who are not taking any time off.

“We will always seek to engage with anyone who can help to improve the daily life of the people of Northern Ireland. We have the utmost respect for the police and we will continue to engage.”

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