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Beattie welcomes progress on creation of Victims of Crime Commissioner

Ulster Unionist Party Justice spokesperson, Doug Beattie MC MLA said:

“I am absolutely delighted that, following the Ulster Unionist Party motion in October 2020, the Justice Minister will be proceeding with the creation of a Victims of Crime Commissioner. It is clear that all victims of crime deserve full support as they go through the legal processes, from investigation right up to court appearances and beyond. The remit of the Commissioner would ensure support and advice is available, acting as a single point of contact with a particular focus on domestic violence, sexual abuse and hate crime.

“Although the Commissioner will not be on a statutory footing before the end of this mandate, the hope is that an interim commissioner will be appointed following a 12 week consultation starting in early May.

“Yet again, much like our motion on mental health provisions for serving prison officers which has created an action plan around their welfare, our motion on a Victims of Crime commissioner has created a platform for change.  This platform puts the victim at the heart of any strategy surrounding crime outlining how the Ulster Unionist Party continues to be a party of law and order.”

Ulster Unionist Party Motion 05 October 2020 – Doug Beattie MC MLA

“That all victims of crime deserve the same support following a criminal offence being perpetrated against them and during any judicial proceedings; and calls on the Minister for Justice to conduct a feasibility study into the appointment of a victims for crime commissioner who would act as a focal point, champion and advocate and bring forward best practice in dealing with, and supporting, victims of crime.”

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