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Beattie welcomes Government`s appointment of Special Envoy to the United States

Ulster Unionist Party leader, Doug Beattie MC MLA, has welcomed the appointment of Trevor Ringland as the UK Government`s first Special Envoy to the United States on Northern Ireland.

Doug Beattie said:

“The creation of the role of Special Envoy to the United States for Northern Ireland is great news and provides fantastic opportunities. The Government`s appointment of Trevor Ringland in that role is a very positive step forward and I hope everyone gives him their support as his work begins.

“Trevor has a unique understanding of relationships across communities and business in Northern Ireland. He is a strong advocate for the Union and a unionism that is all-encompassing and reaches out across the divide. Everybody should be able to get behind him and support him in his work as he promotes Northern Ireland and its people across the United States.

“Northern Ireland has so many links with the United States - socially, historically, culturally and economically - and I am delighted that we will now be making more of the opportunities that those links provide. We need more engagement, not less.”

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