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PPS review is not the end of the matter - Nesbitt

Following the outcome of the Public Prosecution Service's review of their decision not to prosecute anyone involved in the funeral of Mr Bobby Storey on 30th June 2020, which confirms the PPS will not pursue any prosecutions, Ulster Unionist MLA and Policing Board representative, Mike Nesbitt said:

"While we must accept that prosecutions are now off the agenda, questions remain regarding the PPS's stated reasons for not pursuing any of the 24 individuals the PSNI recommended should face trial.

"First, there is the tension between the PPS and the PSNI over the interpretation of the Covid regulations. The PPS say they were confusing, whereas the PSNI Gold Commander, Assistant Chief Constable Alan Todd told the Policing Board that he and his team were 'clear' about those regulations.

"The second issue is the nature of the engagement between the PSNI and Belfast City Council with the funeral organisers. Given our Freedom of Information requests for the paperwork related to those exchanges have been denied due to the ongoing review by the PPS, we will now press for full disclosure. Failure to provide an open and transparent account of the liaison between Council, police and the organisers will leave a lingering suspicion that something inappropriate went on."

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