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Eastwood demonstrates lack of respect for judicial system – Alderman Ryan McCready

Following the decision of Foyle MP, Colum Eastwood, to use parliamentary privilege to openly reveal the identity of Soldier F despite there being a Court Order granting anonymity in place, Alderman Ryan McCready said: 

“As the Veterans Champion for Londonderry and Strabane, I am deeply disappointed in Mr Eastwood’s lack of judgement and due regard for both the judicial proceedings and indeed the increased risk to life of Soldier F. This was totally unnecessary.

“Mr Eastwood has placed someone’s life at risk for what I can only describe as his own self-promotion to appeal to republicans, and lack of respect for the judicial system.  He really has let himself down in his capacity as the MP for Foyle. 

“Everyone ought to be given a fair trial without prejudice and interference. The rule of law and the judicial system should apply equally to all and so should a pathway for justice.”

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