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Overend highlights Sinn Fein’s lack of answers in fuel debate

Ulster Unionist Energy spokesperson Sandra Overend MLA has highlighted Sinn Fein’s lack of answers in today’s Assembly debate on how to address the impact of high local fuel prices.

Speaking following a debate at Stormont, the Mid-Ulster Assembly member said:

“In today’s Assembly debate Sinn Fein sought to address the impact of high fuel prices by devolving fuel duty to the Assembly. During the debate it soon became apparent that in spite of it being a motion brought forward by Sinn Fein, they hadn’t done their homework and had no idea what the cost would be to the Northern Ireland block grant, or where we would be able to find the money to make up the shortfall.

This was a very serious debate about an extremely important subject, but Sinn Fein once again proved themselves to be wholly lacking when it comes to economic policy.

They were actually calling for approximately £900 million per annum to be removed from the block grant, with only a vague notion that we would find the money somewhere. This is entirely different to the on-going campaign to devolve Corporation Tax varying powers to Northern Ireland, because this would pay for itself with by attracting additional jobs and investment.

Sinn Fein’s economic policies appear to be based on little more than a wing and a prayer, but this is hardly surprising as their stated aim is the ending of the Union with Great Britain, the fifth most powerful economy on the planet, and joining with the Republic of Ireland which is dependent on British bail outs for economic survival.”

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