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ILEX admissions over former military bases “bad news for the administration of public money” - Copeland

Ulster Unionist Public Accounts Committee member, Michael Copeland has called for greater transparency in public spending after an admission from the head of ILEX that mistakes were made by the project when spending public money.

Michael said:

“Yesterday’s admissions by the head of ILEX during the Committee have preceded yet more bad news for the administration of public money as the issue of former military bases came forward.’

“Sadly it seems that the projects which involved the “gifting” of former military sites, as a result of the Belfast Agreement and Hillsborough amendments, show a catalogue of missed opportunities and a potentially dodgy deal.’

“Good value for money is very hard to determine at the best of times, however it is safe to say that at this stage of these potential developments, more public money has been spent than thus far received.’

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