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Hussey seeks reassurance on dissident threat

 Ulster Unionist Policing spokesman Ross Hussey has congratulated the PSNI and the Army for their courageous actions and professionalsim following a weekend of terror related incidents throughout the province.

The West Tyrone MLA said:

 “The events of this weekend demonstrated that so-called dissident terrorists, whilst relatively small in number, retain the capability to cause death and destruction and must not be under-estimated.  In addition to the discovery of a 600lb bomb outside Newry, the Police also recovered weapons and ammunition in the Ardoyne area on Friday evening and were called to deal with an under-car device in the Ballygomartin Road area.

Our security forces must be congratulated for their professionalism and courageous actions during this weekend of terror related incidents.I shall be asking the Chief Constable during the Board meeting on Thursday for reassurance that he has sufficient manpower to deal with the terrorist threat that we face I would also seek a reassurance that we have sufficient military backup to deal with the threat.  It is rather depressing that on the very weekend when the entire community was uniting through sport to give their backing to the Ulster rugby team in its bid to qualify for the Heineken Cup Final, republican terrorists were focussed solely on creating death and destruction.

These people are a serious threat to life in Northern Ireland and must be pursued to the full extent of the law and jailed for their crimes. They cannot be allowed to jeopardise the gains which have been made and the peaceful future which this community so desperately craves.”

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