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Ulster Unionists condemn Newry bomb

The Ulster Unionist Party has condemned those who planted a 600lb bomb in Newry last week.

Speaking after a debate on the matter in the Assembly, MLA for the area Danny Kennedy said:

“The discovery of this viable bomb in Newry is a stark reminder that there is still an element in our society who still wish to cause destruction and death.’

“Although dissident Republicans are small in number and command virtually no support from the wider population, they still clearly remain dangerous.  The discovery of this 600lb bomb highlights the seriousness of the current security situation in Northern Ireland.’

“The PSNI and security forces must be commended for successfully making this device safe.  There was a significant increase in the police presence in the area and no one can doubt tht they are trying their best to respond to this dissident campaign.’

“The police currently face a huge challenge with their resources in the Newry area with Bessbrook and Keady stations facing closure in my constituency.  This will certainly make the PSNI’s job much more difficult in the area and we must be working to ensure that public confidence is not undermined by these closures, in light of the weekend’s events.’

“It is vital that our Police Service is adequately resourced in order to effectively tackle the dissident threat and it is equally important they have the full support of both political representatives and the community.’

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