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McCrea condemns grenade attack on Police in Twinbrook

Ulster Unionist MLA Basil McCrea has condemned those responsible for throwing a grenade at Police in the Twinbrook area in the early hours of Wednesday morning.   

The Lagan Valley representative said:

"Once again the Police have come under attack from people who have nothing to offer the local community in Twinbrook, or anywhere else.

The Police were attacked, but the property of local people was damaged.

This community wants to live in peace and would rather focus on issues such as employment opportunities, the health service and getting a proper education for their children.

The people who decided to lure Police into a trap where they could be attacked by a grenade,  will not help create a single job or improve life in any way for anyone, and by their actions they make themselves the enemies of everyone.  

I would appeal to anyone who can assist the Police in putting an end to this type of activity to come forward immediately and help to ensure that we create the safer society we all want.”


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