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Ulster Unionist Party Executive to meet to discuss the Haass process

The Ulster Unionist Party confirms it has called a meeting of its Executive body for Monday 6th January 2014, to discuss the Haass process.

Party Leader, Mike Nesbitt MLA, said:

"Our talks team will brief the Executive on the final document, and reach a decision on the way forward.

"However, this was an initiative from Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness, and it falls to them to outline how they see this process moving forward. The Haass talks were a critical element of their community relations policy, ‘Together: Building a United Community’.

“Another failure to create a truly shared future, rather than the current shared out future, cannot be tolerated.

"The major problem with getting the process back on track is that the Alliance Party cherry-picked the final document, something entirely against the spirit of what Dr Haass requested. Cherry picking is a Pandora's Box, once opened, very difficult to contain."

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